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Public Administration Paper

6 December 2014

Reflection Journal

This public administration class has enabled me to learn many things relating to government-business relations. The most valuable lesson for me was on how to situate the government-business relations debate in both theoretical and practical contexts. In theory, I acquired a wealth of knowledge on how governments come up with policies aimed at promoting economic development. In practice, I was able to gain a better understanding of the various actions that the US government has undertaken to boost business enterprises, for example, the US-government bailout of high-profile corporations in the wake of the 1008-2009 economic crisis.


When I reflect on this class, I fully acknowledge the challenging experience that enabled me to gain a conceptual understanding of the field of public administration in general and government-business relations in particular. I am confident that this knowledge will enable me to make important contributions at the public policy level once I start working as a professional in the area of public administration. I am confident that I will be able to understand the need to maintain a balance between the political interests of government and the profit-oriented interests of business enterprises.

I think I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to be in this class. This is because of the intellectually stimulating historical hindsight I gained particularly in the area of government’s efforts to promote business. The information I obtained through discourse on corporate social responsibilities, international financial institutions, and international trading blocs was also very enlightening. By the time the class ended, I was fully aware of the areas where I needed to spend more time on in terms of research efforts. I was particularly interested in understanding the role of government in the emergence of international financial institutions and trading blocs. The knowledge that I acquired in relation to these concepts is obviously beneficial in efforts to establish a theoretical framework for government efforts to promote the business at local, state, national, and international levels.

Before the start of the class, I was interested in knowing whether the role of the public sector in private business is changing. I noted that change is in need of an integral part of public-private sector relations. Globalization emerged as a dominant factor in this whole process of change. In my view, ideas on government-business relations are increasingly changing to reflect the heterogeneity of the beliefs, practices, and policies that are being embraced in today’s globalized society.

Lastly, I did not expect a considerable part of classwork to involve debate on normative and ethical aspects of governance and economic development. Nevertheless, I was impressed by the way the class content sheds light on various ethical and normative elements of this debate. Consequently, I now understand why many politicians use the ethical dimension to support policies such as public-private partnerships, support for government corporations, and the introduction of tax incentives. In conclusion, this class has enabled me to understand both the theoretical and practical aspects of the role that government should play in promoting business enterprises.

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