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In all academic writing, getting started is the most overwhelming task.  This article meant to help you cross this bridge successfully when writing your social studies thesis. This guide and the master’s thesis help you will get from will give your writing a new experience.


A thesis is a result of many activities that follow a given sequence as discussed below;

Plan your time. Thesis writing is a time-consuming task with so much to be done. You may need to create a time table to help you schedule your activities.  Always follow the calendar so to achieve your goal within the stipulated time. Working on 100 pages assignment is an overwhelming task given that there are other matters to be attended to. For example, you may be working, spare enough time, and focus on your thesis.  If you are unable to create a calendar for yourself, turn to, we will help you schedule your activities and also write your thesis through our master’s help thesis team of experts.  

  • Talk about your ideas with people whose contribution to your thesis is of value. E.g. tutors, friends, or faculty members.
  • Review your notes from the previous thesis workshop
  • Choosing a topic
  • You will be working on your thesis for the better part of the year, which is around 10-12 months. For this reason, picking a compelling topic will motivate you. Choose a topic that interests you and you are strong about as exploring something that excites you will ease the work.

Narrowing to a thesis topic

Generally, you will start with a wider topic in social studies as your study area from which you develop your thesis topic. Your thesis topic must have a narrow focus compared to the discipline focus.  You may resolve to generate several based on your personal experience, ongoing debates on your field, a problem you have learned about and you want to explore further or the approaches you consider comfortable using among other factors.

Most students are unable to narrow down from a broad topic to a thesis topic.  If you encounter any challenge in this phase, turn to for a professional master’s thesis help that is available 24/7. Also, consider discussing potential topics with your faculty to assess their feasibility and suitability.

Your thesis subjects

Just like other academic fields, your thesis should be related to your field of study which is social studies. However, if there are compelling reasons as to why you must change, then everything needs to change. You must revise your previous project.

Theoretical or empirical topic?

Social studies have both theoretical and empirical aspects. This means that you can decide to write on either or combine them all. To determine the best approach, you may consider your interests in both as learned during the classes, the kind of questions and answers you want in your thesis, and the materials you will use for your writing. If the dilemma is not solved to this point, you need not worry because professional master’s thesis help is available at You only need to sign up at the website and click the ORDER NOW button.


Must your thesis be interdisciplinary?

 Though a thesis is strong when derived from one discipline it can also be interdisciplinary. The most important thing is to clearly explain why your methodologies are suitable for the approach, along with the approach to your findings and analysis.

Difference between a research question and a thesis topic

A thesis topic is broader in focus while the research question is specific to a particular subject within the topic. For example, a topic would be on crime. Crime is a very broad general focus area and there is so much about crime. A research question would be “what is the role of the teachers in reducing crime among school-going children?”

 Getting down from topic to a question

As said earlier a topic is very vast and general. You need to develop a question that is both interesting to captivate the reader. Also, you should be able to explain and convince the reader why its important to answer the question. Formulating a question can be daunting to some students while to others it’s not.  Looking for a master’s thesis help from essay writing service providers like is highly recommended for every student who faces such a challenge.

Always keep in mind that there are possibilities to refine your question as you progress with your research. This is because you might discover a more exciting question, or realize that the data at hand doesn’t answer the original question. Revise your question as many times as possible until you have the most interesting and captivating question.

 As you try to formulate your question, consider the following;

  • Does your topic have a puzzle that you want to unearth and explore in detail?
  • Do you have a different view on the theories, topics or the existing debates?
  • Is there a case study that you can discuss/critique and contribute to new evidence? 
  • Is your question researchable?

Formulating a question in social studies requires that you understand your discipline well. For example, the approach to crafting a political science thesis question is different from that of anthropology. The focus and methods used are also different. For this reason, continuously engage thesis writers and your supervisor.

Thesis supervisor

Your thesis supervisor plays a very significant in your thesis writing process. You should engage him/her at the initial stages of the project. This includes sharing your ides with them, seeking help to choose a topic to the end.  What to consider when looking for a potential supervisor;

  • Your supervisor can be a professor in one of your courses,
  • someone with interests in your topic thesis,
  • someone who has experience in supervising students in your field,
  • someone whose experience and knowledge will contribute to the success of our thesis,
  • someone you can comfortably engage and ask questions whenever you are stuck among other factors such as availability.


The bottom line is that a potential supervisor should positively impact your thesis hence the need to be careful when choosing one. In addition to your supervisor’s guidance throughout the process, you cannot afford to miss out master’s thesis help from For many years, we have been in the industry, we have helped thousands of master’s students with their thesis.

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Having a starting point for a thesis assignment is no doubt a hard nut to crack, but after going through this article you must have realized that it is easier than you thought.  Congratulations on discovering this very vital tips. From masters help the thesis team is to wish you success and remember to get a plagiarism-free thesis today!

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