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The most common problems that students across the world over face is writing. When we realized this, we decided to do something about it. Our decision to establish a writing company did not happen by chance, but rather, out of a conscious attempt to assist students with their academic work. By offering academic research paper writing services of all types, we’ve helped thousands of students succeed in college work.

At, we love helping students with writing. We take pride in harnessing a dynamic team of highly experienced writers who continue to deliver high-quality, plagiarism-free, thoroughly proofread professional academic paper writers for college and university students.

Our writers come from various countries and have varying educational backgrounds as well as work experience. They are all united by a common trait, which is passion for writing and the desire to learn something new every day. Their high level of linguistic proficiency, academic writing skills, and creativity enables them to write academic papers in all disciplines. Our writers are our most prized asset; they are the reason we are the undisputed kings of the Internet jungle when it comes to academic research paper writing services.

Our writers have attained success in various professional backgrounds. Some of are unemployed university professors, economists, mathematicians, actuaries, accountants, and journalists. Others are former literature professors and chemistry teachers. We understand that over and above these professional competencies, an ideal writer must be able to learn new things and deal with diverse topics. That’s why our highly talented writers are always to deliver excellent academic research paper writing services in all subject areas.

We understand that you want our writer to complete all your tasks flawless despite the level of difficulty. That’s we’ve established a rigorous hiring process that enables us to source the most professional academic paper writers the labor market can provide.
Here at MyResearchPaperHelp, our hiring process involves three steps: 1. passing several tests aimed at proving the applicant’s command of the English language 2. A formatting test designed to demonstrate the writer’s understanding of the peculiarities of academic writing, including APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago-Turabian formats as well as paper structure and the academic research process. 3. Lastly, the applicant is given a timed test order on a certain topic to demonstrate his/her ability to work under real-life work-related conditions.

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