Social Work and Human Services


Answer the following questions: In a total of 100 or more words. APA format, grammar and punctuation as well as citation/ reference is a must. 
1. How has society’s view of the child changed over the years? What are some of the reforms and current services that are indicative of the changing view of children?
2. How are children viewed today? What is your perception of children? How will this perception inform or influence your work as a social worker?
3. What are some of the issues that require the child welfare system to intervene in order for a child to be safe or a family to remain intact? What is the social worker’s role in this process?
4. How does serving in the military impact family life?
5. A step-father and a step-child are experiencing conflict. What might be at the root of this tension?


Sociology: Question and Answer


Over the years, the view of children has changed a lot. Traditionally, children were required to contribute significantly to a family’s income-generating activities. They labored in the firms to meet the family`s needs. The children did not receive special treatment since the adults related to them as grown-ups. Over the years, this has changed; childhood is considered a crucial stage of development, and children have been accorded greater freedom to play. In the current generation, the adults play the role of providing for the needs of the children as they focus on their education. The social workers defend any mistreated child.



There is an increase in the value of children in the current generation since they hold the future of a nation. According to me, adults are capable of shaping the future of the children since children quickly adapt to a situation. As a social worker, I will ensure the children leave in a conducive environment that will enable them to grow healthy and fully exploit their potential.


Issues in the family like poverty, natural disaster, family wrangles and death of the breadwinner may destabilize the well-being of a family and interfere with a child’s safety (UNCRC, 2017). The social worker should remove the child from the environment that leaves them vulnerable and ensures they get their rights. They should also counsel the family members involved in any dispute and advise them on the way forward to restore the family unity and keeping a child-friendly home.


The soldiers in the military are not able to participate directly in the family roles; these create a vacuum leaving one partner to perform both roles of father and mother, which is a burden to an individual. There is a possibility of the partner serving in the military to die during war creating a permanent loss of a loved one (US Department of Defence, 2007).


The tension might be as a result of the step-son seeking his mother`s full attention and at a time when the stepfather is also in need of the attention from the wife, who in this case happens to be the step-son`s mother.


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