Poverty and Education Essay


Direction: Write a well- developed essay in which you explore the relationship between poverty and education. The essay should examine how poverty affected education in the time of Great Expectation and the way poverty affects education today ( specifically here in Rhode Island). Make sure to make reference to both the book and the world in which we live.

Opening: the opening of the essay should give some background to the reader. Explain the topic and why the paper is being written. conclude the opening paragraph with a strong thesis statement that answers the essential question.
Body: This part of the essay should be two parts. One part should examine poverty in the novel; the second section should examine poverty and education today.

Conclusion: Obviously the conclusion should restate the thesis, but in this paper, the writers should offer some solutions to the problem that is being discussed. hoe can education be improved in areas that have traditionally done poorly due to poverty?

1st Intro: Hook background thesis
2nd Great Expectation Chapter 17
3rd Education Today: How is a student in Rovidence, RI Affected by poverty?


Student’s name:

Title: Poverty and Education Essay

     Poverty has very far-reaching implications on every state’s education system. This essay illustrates the relationship between poverty and education. The focus will be on poverty as it relates to education in chapter 17 of the novel Great Expectation and as it exists in Rhodes Island today. During the days of Great Expectation, poverty had a very negative effect. In the world that we are living in today, specifically here in Rhode Island, poverty limits educational choices for young people in that they get a low quality or no education at all, both at the basic level and at the college level.

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     It was because of poverty that few good education opportunities existed during Great Expectation. The best that someone like Pip could become was an apprentice blacksmith. A girl as brilliant and hardworking as Biddy could only end up juggling between sewing and doing domestic work. The evening school that is mentioned in the novel is described as ‘miserable and noisy’. In such an environment, it is difficult for proper learning to take place.

     Today, Rhode Island’s education system faces new challenges. Poverty makes it difficult for many brilliant students to pursue their education beyond high school. They end up in the streets, abusing drugs and doing nothing much with the little education they have already acquired. Public schools do not offer students the best learning environments. Poverty leads to congestion that makes the environment noisy and therefore not suitable for learning. Many students in Providence have to endure temptations to engage in drugs, alcoholism, and prostitution, vices that are perpetuated by poverty in this society.

     The solution to tackling the effects of poverty on education lies in setting up initiatives that will ensure that education standards are not compromised because of poverty. The programs should be initiated at both governmental and non-governmental levels.

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