Personal and Company Assessment


Personal and Company Assessment

My major is hospitality management. I currently do my internship at University school cafeteria .. Please help me answer following questions.

Include the following items listed below

 First part:

Personal Development- Summarize your job responsibilities during your working at university cafeteria.  (ex: serving in the line, cutting vege, making pizza, making dessert , making ice cream, wiping table ) And Provide specific examples of projects you completed and highlight

the knowledge you gained from the experience. (Only citing 2- 3

projects with only 2-3 skills is indicative of a poor learning

experience for your internship. Please provide depth.) Example:

Project: Making big amount salad in one day in order to feed groups.

Second part: Company Assessment – Summarize the strengths and weaknesses of the university cafeteria with

which you have done your work experience/internship. Take a

critical view of the company, consider the entire company, not just

the area or store where you have been working.

Discuss both the strengths and weaknesses. You should be able to

identify at least five strengths to discuss, probably more. When

you list weaknesses, discuss what the company needs to do to

overcome each weakness. Ask yourself what the university cafeteria needs to

do to improve profit, increase sales, etc. Every firm has both

strengths and weaknesses. The strengths are the reason the

company has succeeded. The company would not be in the

business without strengths. Conversely, all companies have areas

that could be improved!    ( I think they need to have more advertisement. Since our union has been re-open, the cafeteria had less people than before.  Also they need to have more variety on their dishes)

Third part:

Career Potential- Discuss your “future” with this university cafeteria. What personal

characteristics do you possess that would make you a valuable

employee to this company? If you do not see yourself with this

employer, please explain why (i.e., corporate culture, work ethic,


Personal and Company Assessment




Introduction. 2

Personal Development. 2

Company Assessment. 4

Career Potential 6

Personal and Company Assessment


My internship at the university cafeteria has proven to be quite beneficial in many perspectives. I have gained sufficient knowledge and exemplary skills while undertaking the internship. The areas that I will address in this essay include personal development, strengths, and weaknesses of the company, and my future expectations in regard to my career.


Personal Development

To begin with, working at the school cafeteria has served as a gateway to improving my skills and further gaining knowledge on the operations of the hospitality industry. For instance, interacting with different people while working there has helped improve my interpersonal skills as well as providing insight into how to handle people according to their needs at a more professional level.

My responsibilities at the cafeteria include preparing and serving food properly, cleaning the cafeteria prior to opening and after closing hours, and providing quality services to cafeteria customers in a professional manner. Others include cleaning cafeteria equipment, the serving area as well as the serving counters; calculating the daily earnings realized and recording them in the appropriate journals, and reporting to the manager on all daily affairs of the business and presenting issues that require his immediate attention.

In addition to performing these duties, there were quite a number of projects that I was assigned to work on and these aided in improving my skills. Majority of these projects that I embarked on were basically tasks that tested my abilities in terms of efficiency and promptness in service delivery. My first project involved preparing lunch for the school’s board of governors. This was a daunting task as it entailed providing high quality service to the school’s top management staff who were required to critique and give feedback regarding the quality of service they would receive. Bearing in mind that the management panel had other activities to indulge in after lunch, the task required a high degree promptness, aggressiveness and efficiency in preparing the meal. In addition to these skills, interpersonal skills were vital to achieving success in this project. I successfully managed to apply these skills and received positive feedback from the management. Moreover, these positive commentaries motivated me to better my skills and strive to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction in the long run.

I also got involved in another project which involved calculating the net profits of the cafeteria and preparing corresponding financial statements to be delivered to the manager. This project entailed applying mathematical and accounting principles and skills and exuding proficiency in analyzing and summarizing data. A high level of precision and accuracy was integral to ensuring that all business transactions that had transpired were accounted for to the latter. It went a long way in showing that in fact hospitality is not all about service but it also entails carrying out basic but essential accounting tasks to determine the equity position of a business in terms of profit margins realized and liabilities arising from taking up such a venture. I also learnt how to determine the solvency of a business just by looking at the cafeteria’s financial statement of affairs.

The final project that I handled involved setting of tables in a unique way. This was solely aimed at lightening the ambiance of the cafeteria to boost the clientele. This task majorly required creativity, patience, efficiency and neatness in general. The consistency of these skills determined the success of the project significantly. I managed to accomplish this task and polish on some areas that needed to be addressed to achieve quality output.

Company Assessment

Working at the cafeteria helped me identify its strengths and weaknesses alike. My analysis was based entirely on the day-to-day operations of the cafeteria. On a broader perspective, the cafeteria is generally doing well businesswise owing its success to a number of factors. Firstly, it offers a wide variety of foodstuffs from pizzas to vegetables and fruits. This has greatly worked to the advantage of the cafeteria since customer satisfaction is greatly achieved. Customers are given the chance to choose what suits them from a vast range of foods provided and this has seen an upward boost in the clientele streaming in at the cafeteria.


Secondly, there is promptness in the services being provided. The orders placed by customers are attended to on time by the staff. Food is delivered within a short span of time: in most cases, a maximum of five minutes. This allows the cafeteria to handle many customers at any given time interval, and this has led to quality service being administered as well as profit realization in the long run.

Thirdly, the cafeteria is located at a central place within the school. This location offers it the benefit of being convenient in terms of reaching out to many customers within the school vicinity. A majority of the students reside within the college hostels located either inside the compound or outside, but at a close proximity to the school. This ensures that there is a ready and available market for the foodstuffs being offered at the cafeteria.

Besides, the staff at the cafeteria is highly trained and friendly to customers. The atmosphere that they create helps to lure customers since they are able to handle them and attend to their needs at a more personal level while exercising professionalism. The adequacy of staff has led to the business being able to serve many customers at all times. As such, the income generated daily at the cafeteria has increased tremendously.

Moreover, the owner of the cafeteria is responsible for overseeing all its activities. The benefit associated with this phenomenon is that the business incurs lower running costs, unlike the case would be if it was owned by a group of individuals then managed by a third party. Furthermore, the owner has close control over the business; thus, he is able to monitor it closely at all times, thereby eliminating the risk of incompetency while maximizing on customer service.

Despite these strengths, the cafeteria also has exhibited weaknesses in a few areas. First of all, the prices of the foodstuffs have slightly gone up. This has resulted to a decline in the average daily number of customers at the cafeteria and consequently, profit margins have declined significantly. In addition to this, the cafeteria business is being affected by the seasonal nature of its market. Students, who make up an overwhelming majority of its customers, are normally in school only for a limited time in terms of semesters; thus, the cafeteria adversely suffers when students have gone on holidays. Holidays always mark the beginning of drastically reduced income for the business. This situation impacts negatively on the staff members who largely dependent on the salaries they get by working at the cafeteria to support themselves and their families. Finally, the equipment in use at the business premises is outdated. This problem has led to the slowing down of service with time, and this has in turn led a decline in the client base. Additionally, operating costs have started rising since machines constantly break down and must be repaired for work to continue.

The weaknesses can be overcome in quite a number of ways. For example, prices can be regulated to a considerable amount that will ensure profits are still realized and simultaneously, customers’ interests are protected in terms value for their money. Furthermore, the equipment should be replaced with new state-of-the-art machinery as a way of promoting quicker, better quality service to the customers. Optimizing on value and quality service will enable the cafeteria to generate maximum profits in order to make up for the lost income that it encounters during semester breaks.

Career Potential

Finally, in terms of career potential, I aspire to work at the university cafeteria in future. I am self-driven, highly skilled, and ambitious; it is quite evident that these are must-have skills for anyone who wants to achieve success in the hospitality industry. The reason I choose to align my interest with the university is majorly because the cafeteria has a potential to thrive by tapping into a larger market in future once the necessary operational and strategic adjustments are made. Besides, the cafeteria business at the university is a highly lucrative venture, and I want to contribute to and be part of the success that comes with its operations.

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