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how do nurses promote patient safety and improve quality in the workplace? how can nurses catch errors and help prevent them in the future?


Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

All patients, regardless of their illness, age or sex are entitled to quality care. While doctors and physicians contribute significantly to the health care of the patients, it is worth noting that nurses are at the heart of patient safety and quality. They spend all day interacting with the patients, their relatives and physicians in order to ensure that optimal care is provided. With this knowledge in mind, it is important for stakeholders in the healthcare sector to appreciate the role of nurses in improving the quality of healthcare in the workplace with the aim of providing a conducive environment for them.


Firstly, nurses are responsible for giving every individual patient the attention he/she needs. Therefore, through adherence to the National Patient Safety Goals, nurses can help in reducing complications and accidents in the hospitals by being on the lookout for patients who are likely to encounter falls and fall-related injuries as well as complications such as hospital-acquired Conditions (HACs) (Joint, 2016). Moreover, with increased safety initiatives such as the Medication Safety Program, human error during the administration of medication can be lowered considerably thereby leading to fast recovery for patients (Wachter, 2012).

One of the chief ways in which nurses can improve quality in the workplace is by accumulating years of experience. Experienced nurses tend to come up with better ways of dealing with the patients in terms of safety than their inexperienced counterparts (Hill, 2010). They are more likely to recognize certain patterns that make it easy to determine how to treat and care for specific patients and the probability of complications occurring as compared to inexperienced nurses. All in all, experienced or not, nurses should seek to learn quickly and be very observant and keen in order to prevent or reduce the likelihood of complications and accidents among patients.


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