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Paper details:MBTI self-assessment (1)

After you complete each self-assessment (please include your score in the document) you will write a short (1 paragraph – min 200 words – to max of 1 page) reflection of what you learned from the assessment about yourself. If your results confirmed your expectations, you can note that, but if they were different note that as well. The intention of the assignments is to help you apply what we are learning in class to your own job and organization and promote your development as a manager. 

I completed the MBTI_Survey my answer was ENTJ. Here is a link about ENTJ:

*you can only relate examples into collage experience.



            According to the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, I am an ENTJ, with 52% extroverted, 31% intuitive, 69% thinking, and 62% judging. ENTJs are strong extroverts and adventurous people, often being described as “partygoers”, but who are also capable of starting a task and following through with it until completion (Briggs 69). They are very decisive in the sense that they not only see what needs to be done but also go ahead and do it. ENTJs prefer to base their decision on rational thoughts and ideas as opposed to feelings and emotions. This finding was no surprise because I consider myself a strong rational thinker.


The findings also fit in well with my personal assessment in terms of leadership abilities. ENTJs have a natural tendency to marshal and direct people and may either end up being charismatic, influential leaders or in extreme cases, as cult leaders. Indeed, ENTJs tend to have excellent leadership skills as demonstrated by their above-average ability to remain completely resolute during conflict resolution. However, they may also put their subjects into dangerous confrontations because of this. When challenged, they can become extremely argumentative or give out an icy, no-nonsense stare. This may be an exception in my personality because I tend to avoid extreme arguments that could flare up into violent encounters. People of this personality type are mostly successful in careers that require organizational and intellectual efforts and the need to deal with challenges using creative strategies. Due to their convincing nature and remarkable storytelling abilities, a character trait that I also project, they do well as salespeople; administrators, high- and middle-level ranking managers or as directors of startups. ENTJs learn best if they can understand how the subject will help them to solve a problem. Their learning curve is greatly pegged on interest which spurs their desire to acquire new knowledge. They respond well to material/ information presented in theoretical form and learn best in organized educational institutions.

            The results of this test confirmed my long-held assumption that I am an extrovert. I have always been a leader. I take pride in the ability to make quick decisions in class and to follow through with all coursework tasks assigned to me. These findings fit in with the high regard I have for my intellectual abilities. I confidently consider myself a ‘big thinker’ always seeing the bigger picture and keeping the desired result in mind during curricular and extracurricular activities. Lastly, I am a sociable person as demonstrated by my wide circle of college friends.

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