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hi writer I just want to answer these questions. my name is Mofareh, my major is Information Technology I’m from Saudi Arabia.

Visit the Global Footprint Network website- the Personal Footprint Page found at


Take the Quiz to find your Personal Ecological Footprint.

1. How many Earths does it take to support your lifestyle?

2. How many global productive acres does it take to support your lifestyle?

3. What are the top two categories in your Ecological Footprint breakdown?

4. Review the website, explore scenarios, and results then describe three ways you can change your lifestyle to reduce your personal footprint.

Create an entry Journal to answer ALL the questions listed above. List all your answers in complete sentences. The Answer to Question 4 should be at least one detailed paragraph explaining the change to your lifestyle, how it can help reduce your ecological footprint, and why you selected each change in behavior? How difficult do you think it would be to implement such changes?


Personal Ecological Footprint

Question one

If all people adopted the same lifestyle as me, it would take two piles of earth to support my lifestyle. The regenerative capacity that would be required each year is that of 1.9 planets. This figure is above the global average of 1.6 planets that humanity uses to obtain the required resources and in the absorption of our waste. This means that I am one of the people who are converting resources into waste faster than waste can be converted back into resources, thereby contributing to the current global ecological overshoot.


Question two

To support my lifestyle, 3.4 global hectares of the productive area of the world would be required. The largest chunk of the land would have to be dedicated to energy and crops. Smaller portions of the land would also have to be set aside for grazing, forests, and built-up areas. Fishing grounds would take up the smallest acreage.

Question three

The top two categories in my Ecological Footprint breakdown are food and goods. Both of them belong to the “personal” dimension of the ecological footprint. This means that I should tread more lightly on the planet in terms of my consumption of food and various goods. These two items are certainly the reason it would take two worlds to support my lifestyle if everyone else, on average, adopted a similar lifestyle.

These findings indicate that I should work towards changing my footprint, and this can certainly be achieved by living a little less extravagantly and within the means of the single planet that we all call home. To reduce my footprint by 50 percent for instance, I would need to ensure that half of my means are made of vegetables and fruits, eat poultry, red meats, and fish less frequently, commit less resources to monthly expenditure particularly entertainment and cutting back on private means of transport. This objective can be achieved if all people endeavored to leave comfortably within the means of a single planet. In my case, I think the most difficult aspect is cutting back on private means of transport and resorting to public means most of the time. This is because I am used to the convenience that comes with private means of transport. Moreover, the nature of my job requires that I should use private transport means to be most effective.

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