Communications Sample Paper


4. Type of Speech: TRIBUTE –Write an outline about an event that you would choose. An event might be birthdays, Thanksgiving holiday … etc. 
• Commemorative address: a speech delivered during ceremonies held in memory of some pas event and/or the person or persons involved.
o Examples: A holiday)

I. Introduction: (Don’t forget to start with an attention-getting device!!!)

II. Body:
A. Main Point #1 — Show gratitude to the person/persons or events based on the action they took
1. Supporting Material
2. Supporting Material

B. Main Point #2 – Present some facts about the person/persons or events
1. Supporting Material
2. Supporting Material

C. Main Point #3 – Urge audience to let the accomplishments and the character of the person inspire them and achieve new goals
1. Supporting Material
2. Supporting Material

→REMEMBER to use 1 example, 1 analogy, 1 metaphor, or 1 use of repetition in your speech
***label this in your outline

III. Conclusion: (Don’t forget to end with a clincher!!!)


Tribute Speech


I. Introduction. 1

II. Body: 1

A. Main Point #1. 1

1. Supporting Material 1

2. Supporting Material 1

B. Main Point #2. 1

1. Supporting Material 2

2. Supporting Material 2

C. Main Point #3. 2

1. Supporting Material 2

2. Supporting Material 2

D. Conclusion. 2

I. Introduction

‘In the end, it is not the years in your life that count. It is the life in your years.’ This quote by Abraham Lincoln could not be more relevant to the story of Mrs. Wyatt, my high school teacher of English and my biggest role model of all time.


II. Body:

A. Main Point #1

I am forever grateful for having the chance to meet, to encounter and to learn from Mrs. Wyatt. Mrs. Wyatt (repetition) was no ordinary teacher.

1. Supporting Material

She was the light that individuals looked for at the end of the tunnel (metaphor), she was the voice of consciousness at the back of your head when you think of doing something wrong, and most of all, she was the true definition of a pure heart.

2. Supporting Material

Throughout my time in high school, Mrs. Wyatt dedicated her time, knowledge and expertise to making sure that all her students knew that they had potential to do great things and be great.

B. Main Point #2

She took the time to learn all the strengths and weaknesses of individual students upon which she would present any opportunities relevant to the same.

1. Supporting Material

Once, she signed me up for a spoken word competition after learning that I loved poetry and the art of delivering it, an action I was afraid to take (example).

2. Supporting Material

This, among many reasons is why you can now understand why we all loved her, and why we are all saddened by her passing.


C. Main Point #3

Some of us have yet to meet people that believe in us nearly as much as Mrs. Wyatt did. This is why I urge everyone to emulate the life that Mrs. Wyatt led.  

1. Supporting Material

Though she was taken from us too soon, she left behind a trail that is accessible to each and everyone.

2. Supporting Material

She may have died too young, but the life she led was the equivalent of a thousand lifetimes (analogy).

D. Conclusion

Truly, it really is the life in your years that count as demonstrated by Mrs. Wyatt’s well-lived life.

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