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Class Attendance Policy

The class attendance policy is the collective process of monitoring the frequency of students’ attendance of a particular unit or course. It has been a major source of conflict and disagreements between students and their instructors mainly due to the lack of proper procedures and guidelines (Golding 41). To make the situation worse, policymaking on this issue has for a long time been neglected. Surprisingly, many institutions have a well laid-down framework, which, if implemented well, would provide viable rules for both students and their instructors. Even more interesting is the inclusion of class attendance regulation in U.S. statutes.


Firstly, the class attendance policy’s main function is to promote individual class attendance, it is undeniable that there are many activities, events and circumstances that provide enough reason to be absent from class (Weimer 4). These exceptions often require that one follows the right procedures for requesting an excusing oneself from class. However, they should not be used as a point of discrimination and instillation of fear by instructors. Similarly, they should not be exploited as a justification for truancy among students.

Despite the legitimate reasons for absence, academic requirements still have to be satisfied by both the professors and the student. The student has the responsibility to follow up with on professors and fellow students to get access to all the materials and assignment issued in his/her absence. Subsequently, the instructor is required to provide relevant information in order to promote fairness and equality among the students. In addition, the instructors should provide make-up assignments and tests as long as legitimate reasons for absence have been provided.

At the same time, attendance conflicts should essentially be solved at a personal level between the student and instructor as a primary solution. In the event that this option turns out to be a failed attempt, the conflict can then be escalated to the next level of authority. Meanwhile, class attendance should be a simple and straightforward process that combines maximum course attendance, protection of students’ rights and effective communication between them and instructors. Finally, students should be motivated to attend classes consistently. All these issues are best addressed through a well thought-out class attendance policy.

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