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Day-1 Intro to University and Academic WritingA) There are two types of post-secondary institutions, public and private. Public post-secondary institutions include community colleges, liberal arts colleges, public universities etc. Private post-secondary institutions are purely for-profit organizations. Post-secondary institutions offer several programs of academic, professional and personal growth nature.Day-1 Cornell Note Taking SystemA) Three sections on the notes while taking notes using the Cornell Note Taking System are Not Taking Area, Cue Column, and Summaries. The five R process are the following. Record as many meaningful information and content as you can during the lecture. Reduce immediately after the lecture by summarizing all the notes and information in concise and small content points. Recite the notes taken in class in your own words. Generate new ideas with their help, talk to other students about the ideas. Reflect on the notes, generate new opinions and ideas from them. Practice your critical thinking skills by challenging the notes with opposing viewpoints. Review every day, for at least ten minutes, review all the notes that you have taken clearly and with greatest attention.Day-2 Grammar VerbsThe 9 rules of using grammar verbs are the following.1. When two verbs are joined with each other by ‘and’ the verb becomes plural.2. When two singular nouns are joined by ‘and’ the verb remains singular.3. Pronouns that are indefinite in nature, always remain singular.4. When plural meaning is implied to the percentage part of something, the verb becomes plural.5. When two or more subjects get joined together with ‘ether or’ or ‘neither nor’ the verb becomes singular or plural depending on the person or a noun nearest to it.6. If subjects are connected by the use of connectives, such as ‘as well’ the verb will always agree with the subject mentioned first.7. When the sentence ‘a number of (…)’ is used, the ‘number’ always remain singular in the sentence, while the subject always remains plural.8. Units of measurement or time always use verb of a singular nature.9. When a noun like ‘few, couple, both, several, a variety of’ etc. is employed the verb will always be plural.The three inconsistencies of using grammar verbs are when the nouns are plural and the verbs are singular. When the nouns are singular but the verbs are plural. When the noun implies more than one subjects but the verb remains singular.Day-2 Appropriate LanguageNouns and pronouns can be corrected by completely changing them, or to change the verb of the sentence in order to change the gender of the subject altogether, if the noun or the pronoun cannot be changed. Pronouns and antecedents set the pace for a sentence and tell the reader some very important things. The three problems it creates is sometimes the sentence is made inconsistent with their overuse. Sometimes the sentence becomes confusing with conflicting pronouns. Sometimes the pronoun changes the original meaning of the sentence.Day-3 Reading for ResearchThe four levels of reading would be ‘looking’ ‘contemplating’ ‘reading’ and ‘comprehending’. I find myself in the contemplating level a lot, as I am often always unsure whether or not to read a certain article or a book, therefore, this level is the one that resonates the most with me. I believe that the course material would be intriguing and interesting enough for me to jump to the reading, and as a result the comprehending level with no challenge. It is important to get to the comprehending level in order to fully grasp the concept of some sort of text, if this is not achieved the reading will always remain incomplete. Therefore, I will get to the fourth level of reading for my course materials.Day-4 Paraphrasing and SummarizingParaphrasing something means to keep the basic ideas and thoughts of the original author of any academic text, while completely changing the words that they used. This is done in many research works and it is always important to give credit to the original author. Summarizing something on the other hand means to portray the point the author was portraying but in significantly fewer words. Paraphrasing is really easy when one reads the entire text and grasps the concepts and points that are portrayed in it. Those concepts and points are then written in one’s own words without giving any thought to the original words. Summarizing can be done with the same technique if the reader keeps in mind to use as few of a words as possible.Purchase the answer to view it

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