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Ethical Theories, Public Safety, and Social Problems

| March 3, 2020

Question How would you address ethical theories and apply them in relation to public safety organizations and social problems? Take into consideration some of the social problems that affect the public safety agencies. Discuss the implications of the media, public safety, and ethical organizational conduct. Does the media exploit or under-report public safety issues as […]

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Ethical theory

| January 31, 2020

The ethical theory covers all aspects of humanity both at the personal and at the social level. In order to understand the different elements of ethical theory, it is important to understand the natures of morality as well as the ways in which one’s moral standards are assessed. Order now             Some moral standards are […]

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Policy Memo on Global Ethics

| January 25, 2017

You are the Secretary of State or Foreign Minister in China, you will write a memo to your head of state about why global ethics should play a prominent role in policy considerations. This memo should include discussions on (1) why global ethics matters—generally as well as to your country China; (2) one or two […]

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Business Ethics

| January 4, 2017

1 Business Ethics Research Paper Topics Date Given: November 22, 2016 Date Due: January 27, 2017 Instructions The following are some topics which you may consider for your research paper. Decide which area you would like to write about and the applicable theories which you will consider in your discussion. You may also choose any […]

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Robotic Surgery

| December 27, 2016

You will submit your Ethical Considerations draft. This portion of the Course Project will provide an evaluation of the ethical considerations associated with the student’s chosen technology in relation to its impact on humanity (roughly two pages, APA format). Following are the components needed for this section: • A detailed evaluation of the ethical considerations […]

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ethics and 
Leadership and Duty

| October 27, 2016

I expect that most papers will be organized as a review and discussion of the relevant literature to answer your proposed research question, but if you wish to incorporate data analysis and findings, that is also appropriate. Papers should be typed, double-spaced, use 1-inch margins and 12-point font, and use appropriate and consistent citing of […]

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Case Study: Healing and Autonomy

| October 24, 2016

Write a 1,200-1,500 word analysis of “Case Study: Healing and Autonomy.” In light of the readings, be sure to address the following questions: 1 Under the Christian narrative and Christian vision, what sorts of issues are most pressing in this case study? 2 Should the physician allow Mike to continue making decisions that seem to […]

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Ethics and Social Responsibility

| August 1, 2016

Identify a business in your local community. This can be your current place of employment or a business with which you are familiar. Develop a 1,050-word examination of the ethics and social responsibility practices within the organization. Include the following in your examination: Select a business decision made within the organization. Identify the potential ethical […]

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Business ethics

| July 26, 2016

Analyzing & Reviewing Business Ethics Articles Find and Read any three articles related to Business Ethics. Prepare six pages summary of the articles you have read and what you learned from them. Also, discuss how you can benefit from it professionally. For example, how can it help you become a better leader? This paper is expected […]

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| April 29, 2016

Legal ethics of business Using the Internet, research a case where a tort was the cause of action in a business case. Use some of the terminology from the textbook (The legal and ethical environment of business. Lau, T and Johnson L (2011) help you search. Describe the facts of the case briefly and describe […]

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