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Racial profiling in the criminal justice system

| August 10, 2020

Question The sources need to be peer-reviewed, between 3-5 years old (2014-2017). I have uploaded previous papers to help you see what’s expected in terms of outline, structure, headings, argumentation, critique, and analysis. Include an abstract, introduction, and conclusion. Integrate all of the components and assemble them into a coherent and cohesive paper. Evaluate criminal justice […]

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The Intelligence Community: Politics versus Requirements

| July 25, 2020

Question Topic: The Intelligence Community: Politics versus Requirements    This question is based on the below text: Sarkesian, S., Williams, J. &Cimbala, S. (2012). US national security: Policymakers, processes, and politics. (5th ed.). Boulder, CO: L. Rienner. (Chapter 9 – “The Intelligence Establishment” pp. 177-198). 1. First, explain how the United States intelligence community is […]

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Developmental Theory Paper

| July 7, 2020

Question FIVE: DEVELOPMENTAL THEORY PAPER  Objective: Explain the history of and influences on developmental theory. Mindset: Appreciate developmental views of delinquency as it relates to life course and latent trait. InstructionsLife course theory suggests that delinquent behavior is a dynamic process, influenced by individual characteristics, as well as social experiences, and that the factors that […]

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Ethical Pyramid on the Issue of Gambling

| June 18, 2020

Question Chapter 5Construct an Ethical PyramidThe pyramid can be on any topic from chapter 5 Pollock, J.M. (2013) Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions in Criminal Justice…SWadsworth Answer Ethical Pyramid on the Issue of Gambling Gambling is a form of addiction that affects one’s individual financial stability and more so that of his/her family. It is considered […]

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Juvenile Delinquency

| June 6, 2020

Question Write a paper of approximately 500 words describing how crime statistics can aid criminal justice practitioners in assisting juveniles and preventing them from committing crime. Review a case from the textbook or one that is current in the news, and research if children committing crimes is on the rise. How can you prevent future […]

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| May 28, 2020

Question Summarize the article. Which type of crime prevention strategy is being addressed?Identify the key findings and recommendations. Answer This article addresses the strategies that courts use to prevent crime, including the traditional activities of trials and sentencing and contemporary approaches that involve the use of domestic violence courts and drug courts. It also reviews […]

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Death Penalty Has Any Real Deterrent Effect on Crime

| March 30, 2020

Question Locate 5 peer-reviewed articles that are related to your proposed research study 2. Summarize each of the five articles. *Discuss what they tested and what they found. 3. Discuss how each of the five articles are related or relevant to your proposed study. 4. Make sure to include in-text citations for all references in […]

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Mental illness

| February 3, 2017

Your answers are complete, well thought out, logical, reflect your knowledge on the subject, and reflect the writing skills. Question: large percentage of the jail and prison population has been diagnosed with a mental illness. Based on readings what are some (at least three) factors that can be used to explain this high rate of […]

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Short Papers

| February 3, 2017

Short Papers You MUST include citations for reading/lectures in your papers and you MUST include a reference page (this does not count in the 3-4 page length).   You will be drawing from reading and lectures for you papers, so you must include citations and references to show the reader where you got the ideas and […]

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restorative justice program

| February 1, 2017

Write an initiative for a restorative justice program for substance offenders in your organization or program you would like to start on your own. This paper should identify the name and purpose of your program and reasons you are interested in developing such a program. Identify at least 3 reference sources Get a 5 % […]

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